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I'm passionate about making custom instruments, whether original designs or historical replicas. You always draw new conclusions, think of new solutions or can admire and understand the work done by your predecessors in this craft.

It's a great challenge to build an instrument to suit the needs and tastes of the client. Get your ideal instrument with the look you've always dreamed of. Let your imagination run wild and find the perfect companion for life.

If you want to read an excellent reflection on the differences between a guitar and a handmade manufactured in series, read the article by Ervin Somogyi “Some thoughts on the difference between handmade and factory made guitars” – Thanks to the author Ervin Somogyi and to Fernando, from Guitarras Jaén for its translation and allowing its use.

Ask me about prices, options, deadlines, etc...
Currently the waiting period is between three to four months. The "base" price for a guitar is about € 1500.